Universal Design for Space Tourists
We provide “Off-the-world” universal design criteria for realizing space tourism age and for everyone work and live in space.

Extraterrestrial and Extreme Environment Habitation Design
A wide spectrum of designs which ranging from extreme environment on Earth like Antarctica base, desert house, underwater habitat, to space station, planetary surface habitat, etc.

f-Reliant House Design
Research on self-reliant house and post-disaster supportive house design. Meanwhile, proposing to isolated, aging, and vulnerable areas or islands and help shaping next resilient society globally.


Japan Space Elevator Association (→)

宇宙建築の会 (→)

NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest (→)



(American Institute of Aeronautics and  Astronautics)

1. Point to point sub-orbital transportation as rapid response after asteroids impact (AIAA 2013-5343) (→)

2. Designing a Zero Gravity Toilet for Disabled Space Tourists (AIAA 2013-5511) (→)

3. Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) as an Alternative Manned Interplanetary Spaceship (AIAA 2013-5380) (→)


(International Astronautical Congress)

1. Utilizing Near Earth Objects (NEOs) as spacecraft for manned interplanetary exploration (IAC-13,D4,1,5,x16665) (→)

2. How the design of humanized zero gravity toilet benefit space tourists with disabilities (IAC-13,E5,1,3,x16656) (→)


(International Symposium on Space Technology and Science)

–   ICROS:nterior-designCriteria for Rotating Orbital Station (2019-p-09 )

–  U-DASH:Universal Designfor All Space Habitats : A ConsequentialPath towards DiverseSpacefaringCivilization (2019-p-10)

–  MEDUSA: “Manoeuvrablemultiple Electro-dynamic-tether DeorbitUnits for Space (2019-r-17)

–  Utilizing Near Earth Asteroid as a Cycler (UNEAC) Concept:A Subsequent Study of ‘Near Earth Asteroid as an Alternative Interplanetary Manned Spaceship’ proposal (2017-o-3-08)

–  Project GIVE (Grown in Venus Enclosure): An Alternative Solution for Sustaining Spacefaring Civilization (2017-k-59)

–  Designing a Titan Gas and Energy Relay Station (TiGERS):A Concept for Sustaining Deep Space Interplanetary Mission and Beyond (2017-k-51)

–  Earth-Venus Express (EVE) Concept:A Transportation Strategy for Project GIVE (Grown in Venus Enclosure) (2017-g-09)

–  Sub-orbital transportation as an alternative rapid response for conveying supplies to isolated stricken area after massive disaster (2013-g-10)

–  Utilizing Near Earth Objects (NEOs) as a possible transporting vehicle solution for future human interplanetary exploration (2013-k-43)

–  Infra-Free®(IF) Architecture System as the method for Post-Disaster Shelter Model (2008-s-01)

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