Launch Consulting and Planning

We work closely with our valuable customers on providing affordable, responsive and flexible solutions for accessing space.

– Launch ROM pricing normally within 72 business hours.*
– A wide variety of launch vehicle options regarding multiple missions.
– Early stage launch evaluation and consulting service.

* Time may vary in case of the nature of mission requirements, mission type or nationality.

Space System Purchase and Support
Need satellite components?
We are here to serve you various categories of electronic devices and CubeSat, PocketQube kits.

– CubeSat & PocketQube kits
– Star tracker
– Propulsion unit
– Reaction wheel
– Power unit
– CubeSat / PocketQube deployers
and more…

Spacecraft Development and Campaign
We support specific missions or research based test flight unit development campaigns.

– Space Debris Mitigation Mission Architecture.
– Interactive and IoT Solutions Correlated with Space Business

And more…

Let’s fly to space together!
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